Why LUKMEF Matters


LUKMEF-Cameroon believes that durable peace, democracy, the respect for fundamental human rights and sustainable development are achievable in Cameroon.

Since 2009 we continue to get a steady growth in the number of individuals, communities, governmental and non-governmental agencies requesting different types of services and programs offered by LUKMEF to be extended to their structures and communities. In recognition of this demand, our current five years strategic plan is designed to respond to these needs. First, we have restructured administratively, and then expanding the organisation’s geographical coverage into all ten regions of Cameroon. Between 2016 and 2020, we will be reaching out to 450 communities in partnership with 150 community based organisations as our implementing partners.  In terms of our program scope, we will continue to focus on three main pillars 1) Peace building/nonviolence 2) Social Justice and 3) Sustainable development.

LUKMEF Cameroon since 2004 has worked a lot with national and international partners and since then have gained a lot of experience in programs and project development and execution in the domain of human rights with special focus on Gender Based Violence prevention, service provision and advocacy. Within the framework of this current crisis in the South West region, LUKMEF is currently the co-lead of the GBV working group. LUKMEF within the framework of its current project that covers six regions including the two English regions of Cameroon has created and participated with UNFPA and other partners in the two regional GBV task forces which have already generated a lot of success.

In support of the work we and other civil society organisations are doing in the domain of Gender based violence in particular and Human rights in general, we have now open a dedicated TV station in the south west region(LDTV). This TV station will be used throughout the current crisis and beyond to educate, prevent and protect the rights of women/girls and hence reduce the rate of GBV in cases of emergency.

It is therefore within this multiple initiatives that we actively seek partnerships and collaborations to deliver key GBV prevention and response humanitarian assistance to the thousands of women/girls displaced and/or affected by the current crisis.  LUKMEF has been highly recognized and reputed by her peers as experience and devoted to ending violence against women and girls in both development and humanitarian situations in Cameroon.


 LUKMEF Cameroon