What We Do

We promote peace, nonviolence, social Justice and sustainable development in Cameroon by giving individuals and communities the means to build and sustain peace and development within their respective communities through activism, peace education, upholding of democratic values and principles, leadership development, support of development programs/projects, and the promotion of sustainable management of natural and human resources while facilitating neighborhood, cultural exchanges, cross boarder dialogue and coexistence for the effective elimination of poverty and suffering.

We affirm that every citizen and every generation should be capable of attaining their life expectations and promote dialogue across cultures, economic, contexts, environments religions, genders, and sexual orientations to obtain lasting peace development and lively sense of common vision.

Our Sectors of Work

Gender Protection

In this sector, we ensure the protection of vulnerable women and girls from all forms of violence perpetrated against women such as physical, emotional, psychological, economic, sexual etc through our funded projects.

Child Protection

In this sector, we ensure the protection of children from all forms of violence and abuse. We organize activities in our child friendly spaces to help children recover or develop skills.

Environment & WASH

In this sector, we follow up and implement developmental aspect such Fiscal Transparency in our Local councils, provision of portable water and good public latrines to improve hygiene and sanitation, sensitization and capacity building of communities and their actors on environmental hazards and ways of mitigation etc.

Health & Nutrition

In this sector, we help the local population with essential and timely health services and supplies. We go to the hard to reach localities in the Nortwest and Southwest to attend to risen health concerns for the vulnerable and the underprivileged

Food Security

In this sector, we fight against hunger with help from WFP. We map out and distribute food and other aids to the vulnerable population in the Northwest Region of the Country


In this sector, we help children acquire informal education  and also help in the transition into formal education. Our temporary learning corners and remedial classes organized in holidays help improve abilities in children