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Technologies for Development

South West Region Created A Regional Referral Network for GBV Survival, A One Stop Solution For Survivals And Activists.

The fight against Gender Based Violence (GBV) required a web of complementary forces which allowed the survival to access legal, medical, social, economic and psychology justice with little or no inconveniences. In order to achieve this, LUKMEF Cameroon, FIDA, VOW and multiple NGOs have partnership under the auspices of MINPROFF to create a Referrer Network for survival of GBV. These have come as a relief for victims of GBV and activists who could not access the appropriate services due to ambiguous and costly procedures.

Although this was created and reinforced just in mid November 2017, it has already created a remarkable impact. So many victims have benefited from this network to access the relevant services. This have also been facilitated by a mobile App (OPS4Women) produced by LUKMEF Cameroon with funding from the United Nation Trust Fund to End Violence Against women and Girls. With this app, survival of violence, activists and any other third party can fight GBV just through their mobile phone.


By Nkemju Rosevelt

LUKMEF Cameroon

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