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Che Che Daniel



Tel: 679432936/673523594


Sex: Male

Date of birth: 21/06/1987



I am a motivated individual with excellent skills in humanitarian activities, motivational speaker, youth coordinator, health volunteering, community development, Microsoft word, Microsoft publisher, Microsoft excel and power point. I am hard working, team spirited, time conscious, interactive, communicative, and can work in a hostile environment. I look forward to making a significant contribution to any development to the organization so as to promote humanitarian vision and mission.



1.      Debora Echoes Foundation June 2016 to April 2020

Ø  Worked as a supervisor and coordinator.

Ø  Community volunteering

Ø  Food security and distribution.

Ø  Youth educator and motivational speaker.

Ø  Worked with the founder hand in hand in both home and abroad activities.


2.      The University of Buea-  2017-2018

Performed the following task as a student executive

Ø  Public relations Officer of the department of Political Science and Public Administration.

Ø  Creating relations between the outside world and the department.

Ø  Working with different organizations.

Ø  Worked in public and administrative activities with the office of the Divisional Officer, the governor’s office, the ministry of Urban development and housing, the ministry of Culture( the national Achieves).

Ø  Worked with the Buea Council in community development.

3. Divisional Centre of Taxes Buea July 2018-September018

Ø  Statistical and assistant tax agent on field work.

Ø  Calculation of tax obligations of tax payers.

4. Garden of Eden Naturopathic Institute of Natural Medicine Muea 2014-2016

Ø  Worked as a consultant at the institute.

Ø  Worked at the Foundation department, in assisting the less privilege.

5. New Life Enterprise Buea 2004-2006

Ø  Offered humanitarian assistance.

Ø  Worked as a consultant.

Ø  Worked at the secretariat

Ø  Worked at the publishing Unit.


·         October 2019  to date: Master “1” in International Relations, University of Buea

·         October 2016- December 2019:  Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Public Administration (Comparative Politics) University of Buea.

·         July 2018- September 2018: Attestation of Internship, Divisional Tax Centre of Buea.

·         October 2017- October 2018: Certificate of Service (Public Relations Officer) University of Buea.

·         November 2014 to February 2015: Certificate (Attestation of Excellence) in Microsoft Office Assistant.

·   September 2012/2014:    Advance level Certificate

·   September 2007/2012:    Ordinary Level Certificate



v  Training in international Humanitarian Peace and Conflict management, University of Buea.

v  Training in Project Management for Small scale Businesses (GENIWA BUEA)

v  Training in data collection and planning with DEBORA ECHOES FOUNDATION.

v  Training on Youth Empowerment and Community Development.


-Youth Empowerment in project management.

-On Conflict and Crisis management.

-Entrepreneurial skills.



LANGUAGE:  English (proficient user), Pigin English (proficient user), French language (good)

Communication skills; excellent skills (written and verbal)

Computer skills; proficient in Micro soft words and Micro soft Excel and PowerPoint

Team player, highly flexible.


1.      Mr Tose Godlove

Manager and CEO of New Life Enterprise Buea

Tel: 683439604

2.       Mr Ndinga

Manager of Garden of Eden Naturopathic Institute of Natural Medicine Buea

Tel:  677358552

3.      Mr Njumbe Davide Sone (MBA-MGT)

Divisional Chief of Centre for Taxes Buea

4.      – Prof. Atangcho Nji Akonumbo

Dean Faculty of Laws and Political Science.

-Prof. Abangma James Arrey

Head of Department, Political Science.

Tel: 677581902

–          Mr John Walah Mua

Records Officer and POSSCUB Coordinator.

Tel: 677376519 / 694136378

5.      Mrs Debora Mbebuh Epse Dume

Founder and CEO of Debora Echoes Foundation

+855 97 864 5540