Child Protection our Collective Responsibility

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Child Protection our Collective Responsibility

Protecting children from abuse, violence, neglect, and exploitation are the main functions of the child protection department of LUKMEF Bamenda. According to the United Nation convention on the right of a child, a child is any person under the age of 18 and the CP department under LUKMEF equally works with affected children under this age group.

The right of every child across the globe is essential as UNICEF under the ECHO project partnership with three organizations in the Northwest region of Cameroon. Targeting MEZAM decision, the LUKMEF child protection department registered 37 cases within the month of April with medical aspects being the main focus. The focal person of the department attested that they had a session with community-based committee members and pastors in Santa on how to strategize the various roles and responsibilities of the committee.

Away from the Echo project, the focal person had series of training with the professional interns on how to budget funds for activities, Terms of reference, and basics of child protection.

Training sessions within the department are very important as the focal person says they plan to hold a meeting with caseworkers to re-asset their challenges in case management, register cases, sensitization, and a working session with the professional interns on the basis of psychosocial aid.

The focal person recommended that a safe space be provided to the department for the preservation of case management and vehicles should equally be made available during fieldwork to ease movement.