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LUKMEF Professional Internship Program

Why professional Internship?

In today’s professional world, it takes more than a degree or a diploma and a winning smile to convince employers to hire you. Internships are gateways to show your commitment to professionalism, self-improvement, and excellence. They are one of the most important factors in making oneself appealing professionally as they enhance job experience, research experience, mentorship, gives access to a variety of task, shape career goals, create professional network and secure good references and recommendations.

As an organisation, our vision is creating a world where every individual, every community and nation should be able to live life to its fullest without compromising the ability of the next generation from enjoying same.  
The LUKMEF Professional internship program falls within the framework of the organization’s mission of contributing to Sustainable Development through building and strengthening local capacities of young peoples and institutions as well as in building of networks and coalitions for change within with institutions, individuals and communities as a whole. Our vision is that graduates from Higher institutions and Universities in Cameroon gain employment within 12 months of graduation within the Job market based on acquired professional skills through professional internship placements.
As our standard, the internship period runs in two shifts, each for a period of six months of full time engagement. That is, January to June and from July to December. All interested persons are called upon to apply.

The Vision

The vision of the Professional Internship Program is that graduates from Higher institutions and Universities in Cameroon gain employment within 12 months of graduation based on acquired professional skills through professional internship placements.

The Mission

To provide graduates the opportunity to gain employable skills in their domain of interest in the areas of humanitarian and Development programs

Objectives of the program

  1. To provide a yearly professional internship placements for 180 graduates in all LUKMEF operational offices in Cameroon for six months hands on professional knowledge and skills acquisition
  2. To supports student learning and experiences in development and professional environments outside the academic environment
  3. Increased collaboration between higher institutions and the organisation through capacity and awareness raising about the program and its relevance to students post education life and career development.
  4. To develop practical competencies such as communication, technical proficiency and contextual professional behaviour.
  5. To provide interns the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in related development and humanitarian fields
  6. Increase interns’ likelihood of securing future employment and other professional opportunities towards reducing unemployment and fostering livelihoods and community development.
  7. To fulfil the organization’s humanity, civic and professional responsibility. It is an opportunity to give back and enhance the local work force while helping student’s get started.

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NB: All Applicants should be authorized by their school for an academic internship placement

Applications will end on the 30th of June 2023; contact 685161660 for more information or write us at

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