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Empowering and supporting Individuals and whole communities to take the lead and control of their individual and collective advancement towards fulfilled and happy lives in peace and perfect harmony with other human beings and nature both for present and future generations on a rights-based approach.

Social Justice & Human Rights

Fostering Social Justice & Human Rights

Local Capacities

Building and Strengthening Local Capacities

Peace and Non-violence

Building Peace and Non-violence

Networks and Coalitions

Building Networks and Coalitions for Change

Water, Environment & Renewable

Focusing on Water, Environment & Renewable

Economic & Political Empowerment

Focusing on Economic & Political Empowerment

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote peace, nonviolence, social Justice and sustainable development in Cameroon by giving individuals and communities the means to build and sustain peace and development within their respective communities through activism, peace education, upholding of democratic values and principles, leadership development, support of development programs/projects, and the promotion of sustainable management of natural and human resources while facilitating neighborhood, cultural exchanges, cross boarder dialogue and coexistence for the effective elimination of poverty and suffering.
We affirm that every citizen and every generation should be capable of attaining their life expectations and promote dialogue across cultures, economic, contexts, environments religions, genders, and sexual orientations to obtain lasting peace development and lively sense of common vision.

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LUKMEF’s PROFESSIONAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM ORIENTATION: Supporting the development of Human Capital for Self Actualisation and Professional development for the Job Market 

In today’s professional world, it takes more than a degree or a diploma and a winning smile to convince employers to hire you. Internships are gateways to show your commitment to professionalism, self-improvement, and excellence.
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LUKMEF Cameroon at the 1st Edition of the ...

Empowering and supporting nations remains a key diplomatic mandate towards driving sustainable development via the
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Globally every day, millions of people take action on issues that matter to them, volunteering within communities,
LUKMEF World Ozone Day


LUKMEF joins the international community to commemorate the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer