LUKMEF Cameroon at the 1st Edition of the German-Cameroonian Cooperation Day, National Museum, Yaounde, 07th December, 2022

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LUKMEF Cameroon at the 1st Edition of the German-Cameroonian Cooperation Day, National Museum, Yaounde, 07th December, 2022

Empowering and supporting nations remains a key diplomatic mandate towards driving sustainable development via the response to the needs of Partner countries. For over 60 years, the German government had bonded ties through cooperation with Cameroon and today Wednesday 07th December 2022, commemorates the 1st edition of the German- Cameroonian Cooperation Day convened at the National Museum, Yaoundé.

LUKMEF Cameroon, an NGO based in Buea with the mandate of Promoting peace and non-violence, human rights and social justice, sustainable development and humanitarian response as well as engaging in Civil Society Strengthening joins other hundreds of Civil Society organisations in Cameroon that constitute key responders to drive the German-Cameroonian Corporation mandate in the dimension of implementing projects to drive community development and transformations in the field of Local Governance and Decentralisation, sustainable development, Municipal council development and localisation, Natural Resource Management and preservation and promoting rural development.

Represented by Mr Tanyi Christian, CEO of LUKMEF, Bate Godwill, Human Resource Coordinator and Mayer Epie, the Fleet manager offered great expressions of appreciation and showcased groundbreaking works implemented that was funded by the German Component called the GIZ. These included initiatives in Promoting Municipal Development through the strengthening of citizen participation in local Governance and development as well as promoting civil documentation and as well as supporting the ongoing LUKMEF Africa Civil Society Development Centre, LACSODEC’s mission of Strengthening the operational and Institutional capacity of Civil societies.

The grandeur occasion brought in the Minister of Economic Planning and Regional Development, His Excellency Mr Alanine Ousman Mey and related entourage; The German Ambassador to Cameroon, Her Excellency Corinna Fricke and entourage, UN Agencies, Religious leaders and CSOs in Cameroon, dance groups, and all other invited dignitaries remains a formidable one to relook into the impacts, identify and also assess the impediments and challenges and define the prospects of the future within the German- Cameroonian Cooperation with the dire need to continue more collaboration, solidarity and living together.

In her concluding words “We are Together”, the German Ambassador to Cameroon reechoed the growing bond and effective collaboration between the two countries and the drive to support life in Cameroon.

It, therefore, remains a day to realign the German Government towards more work and highlight the need for more local Development support, especially in the midst of growing uncertainties, socioeconomic challenges and the global pandemic, that ignites challenging livelihood situations in the Northwest and southwest regions plagued by the ongoing Sociopolitical crises, the Hit of Boko Haram Insurgencies in the Northern regions of the country. On the other hand, thesis day opens the chapter to uncover and replay the endless works and support of Germany in the drive for Sustainable Development within Cameroon and in the world at large as well as the support accorded to local Organisations in a drive to support their mandates towards social change and development.

Happy Celebrations, We are Together🫶🤝

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  1. Stephen
    2 years ago

    LUKMEF-Cameroon a veritable partner in fostering local and sustainable development through a community-based approach engaging individuals, organizations and communities on a needs and rights-basis for the achievement of the SDGs.

  2. Kenneth
    2 years ago

    May this continue to pave the way to more partnerships for better service delivery to the affected populations.

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