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About Us

People are an organization’s greatest resource. Developing a strategic and coherent approach as well as maximizing staff productivity to the effective and efficient management of people in an organization such that they contribute to protecting the organization from any issues that may arise within the workforce is the core responsibility of the HR department. In today’s world, when most of the processes & systems can be copied thus rendering no sustainable advantage in long term, organizations can majorly differentiate themselves only by building its intellectual capital (employee competence) & organizational excellence (organizational capabilities) – which are very hard to copy. Today, organizations place great emphasis on hiring the right people and keeping them engaged. As such, personnel policies and procedures that support organization’s objectives and strategic plans are formulated and put in place. Central to this mission is fostering a culture that reflects core values and empowers staff to be as productive as possible. HR dedicates time to structuring strategic approaches that nurtures and supports staff ensuring a positive workplace environment. The HR department showcases the credibility and exceptional culture of the organization to attract the right talents and skills; Modifies the culture of the organization to realize its vision & mission; Develop methods for trimming the costs associated with workforce management; Determine the level of staff satisfaction as concerns the job and relationship with supervisors & co-workers; Identify training & skills required to boost staff productivity and output; Identify & manage cases of conflicts which eventually restores positive working relationships throughout the organization; Eliminates possibilities of staff consistently falling below the Coordination’s expectations. By upholding the above mentioned with commitment and devotion, the HR department serves strategically in making LUKMEF’s goals attainable and realistic.

To provide effective human resource management by developing and implementing policies, programs and services that contribute to the attainment of organisational and employee goals by properly balancing the needs of the employees and the needs of the organization.

To create a value and knowledge base organization by inculcating a culture of learning, innovation, teamwork and aligning organisational processes with aspiration of employees leading to development of highly talented, caring and committed employees and improved organisational performance.

  • People Development:

We believe in training and developing our employees to maximize their potential and excel as an individual. Both job and core competencies are identified for employees, and development opportunities are provided so as to deepen their knowledge and skills.

  • Support and Growth:

We believe that the cumulative growth of all employees serves as the foundation for the organization’s success. Hence, we provide a supportive environment for employees to grow, discover their strengths and play leading roles in the organization.

  • Pride and Loyalty:

We create work environment that enables employees to have both pride and enthusiasm towards their work. Employees are involved in setting clear goals for themselves and are significantly rewarded in return, based on – not just rewarded with a compensation package that recognizes the value they bring to the organization, but also rewarded with a supportive environment where they can realize their full potential.

  • Mutual Trust and responsibility:

We are committed to creating an environment where harmonious personal relationships can be fostered. We respect and build on our differences, and we care for each other. We see value in sharing what we know while employees endeavour to fulfil their work responsibilities for the organization.

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