Frequently Asked Questions

Who is LUKMEF - Cameroon?

LUKMEF-CAMEROON is a registered people focused, non denominational charity organization working to promote Peace and Non-Violence, Social Justice and Sustainable Development in Cameroon.

Who are the target population of LUKMEF Cameroon

The primary targets of the Organization are Women and Girls as well as the empowering of youths.

What are the pillars of operation of the organization

Peace building and Non-violence, Social Justice, Sustainable Development.

What have we been doing since our creation?

Lukmef has been actively involved in several activities related to Peace building, Social Justice, and Sustainable Development. (see website;

why do you focus on women and children?

Women and children are the most vulnerable members of the society. however some of our projects cuts across all gender groups.

How can I volunteer?

Volunteers are accepted across all fields of studies. All applications should be deposited at the lukmef office (located in Buea or Bamenda).

Where is Lukmef located?

Lukmef is active in all ten regions of Cameroon and in 450 communities. The Lukmef Head Office in Buea is located at Great Soppo, Salvation Pharmacy building on the last floor.

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