Community Engagement Strategies in Reducing GBV

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Participants in a group photo after the GBV Training

Community Engagement Strategies in Reducing GBV

Participants at a GBV training.

This project is within the framework dupe: “Life-saving GBV / sexual reproductive health rights intervention for internally Displaced persons in the South West Region.” LukmefCameroon in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund, has in a two days capacity building workshop in Buea trained some thirty community mobilizers. The purpose of this training is to reach the masses. Secondly, to enlighten them on fighting against Gender Based violence, especially during this crisis period that has increased the vulnerability of women and girls.

This explains why, the 30 community mobilizers were educated on key concepts related to Gender Based Violence, Causes and effects of GBV. However, emphases was also on the principles and standard operating procedures of reducing the ill within communities. Such included the administering of psychological first aid to survivors, the referring of Survivors and those at risk to GBV service providers where they can easily access services. The community mobilizers were also encouraged to intensify awareness raising campaigns in communities in the south west region. Furthermore, on the rights of woman and girls so that they can break the silence.

Other key aspects of the training were on equipping the community mobilizers with knowledge related to sexual reproductive health rights. In the next seven months, they will be carrying out sensitizing activities within some communities in the south west, creating awareness on sexual reproductive health rights, methods and importance of family planning especially the IDPS while giving directives on how they can access services on family planning.

 Michael Neforneseh

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  1. Clarence Keming Ndigamkong
    Clarence Keming Ndigamkong
    1 year ago

    Great organization that helps in providing basic necessities to the displaced people in the North West and South West region.God bless you people

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