Who We Are

Whatever the violence, it’s never the victim’s fault!

Who We Are?

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Foundation, LUKMEF-Cameroon, is a registered Non-Governmental Organization with registration number CMR Reg No 117/g37/d.14/1/Vol1/107/OAP, working in Cameroon with headquarters situated at Top Floor, Salvation Pharmacy Building, Great Soppo, Buea, LUKMEF was founded in 1999 by the current President and CEO Mr. Tanyi Christian.

LUKMEF is a people-focused and people-driven organisation that gives physical (individuals) and moral (institutions) persons around the world the unique opportunity to connect directly with those in real need around Sub-Saharan Africa to make meaningful impact in the lives of individuals and whole communities.

LUKMEF is a Dynamic organisation With One Goal; To empower and support Individuals and whole communities to take the lead and control of their individual and collective advancement towards fulfilled and happy lives in peace and perfect harmony with other human beings and nature.

Our Core Pillars

The goal here is to promote peace and stability in Cameroon and within the Sub-Saharan African Region.

Our goal here is to promote constituent understanding, contribution to and fair access to community resources and services at all levels.

LUKMEF advocates for and carries out development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs with the goal to strengthen the capacities of communities to take leadership in socio-economic development that generates employment and social services to eliminate extreme poverty and suffering.

Supporting vulnerable and needy people and communities affected by manmade conflict and/or natural disasters with the goal to reduce suffering.

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Our Key Tenets

We develop and communicate a vision of on how a work unit can most effectively contribute to the department’s mission and relates with LUKMEF’s mission in pursuing that vision, we relentlessly challenge ourselves to strive for excellence and engage them in to the efforts to achieve goals and improve all aspects of the operation.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity and professional conduct and do what is best for the organization’s vision and mission.  We generously share credits for the accomplishments of the organization and   demonstrate courage in dealing with difficult decision and poor performances.

We take our responsibilities as teachers, coaches and mentors and work to develop the skills necessary to play those roles effectively. We make time to get to know our less experienced colleagues and provide them timely praise, honest feedback and opportunities to cultivate their talents.

We give employees ownership over their work, issue clear and concise instructions, provide coaching and further clarification if needed. We stand behind our team members and take responsibility when mistakes are made or calculated risks don’t work out.

We help others understand the vision and mission of LUKMEF and their role in accomplishing it. We also listen actively to each other other’s concerns and encourage innovation in LUKMEF work by listening intently for suggestions.

We recruit high caliber candidates for LUKMEF job vacancies, train the right from the start, build trust and foster a sense of mutual support in the team. We serve the team by eliminating obstacles, resolving conflicts, obtaining appropriate resources, and celebrating success.

We the set the example for work ethic and demonstrate the willingness and knowledge of LUKMEF’s mission to do any job to help the team. We run interference to prevent abuse and undue pressure.

We take ownership on our work and hold ourselves accountable for improving performance and making our organization stronger. We descend respectfully and help the supervisors and LUKMEF leadership to become more effectively in the interest of the team and the organization.

The tenet states that “we depend on our personal self-awareness in order to cultivate our talents and mitigate mission critical weakness. We displace humility by acknowledging our short comings and continually work to improve both our skills and our substantive knowledge.

We consider our work and that of the department as central to the core vision, mission and objectives of LUKMEF and hence establish constructive working relationships with all organization’s staff to further those objectives. We engage in public diplomacy to advance organizational tools.