Our Projects

Rehabilitation Program in rural hospital in Awing

More than 70 people treated in Awing – here are the numbers……

Food Security

Many Cameroonians still go to bed hungry, malnutrition is visible in almost every community……

Inter-Tribal Conflicts transformation Project (TCTP)

The continuous rise of inter ethnic conflicts in some parts of…….

Intern Opportunity Template

Volunteer Opportunity Template

We are always looking for volunteers. Please contact us directly…..

To promote women’s access to administrative justice to end GBV

EU and LUKMEF through a partnership grant agreement of ……..

Project Template – to be ‘cloned’

UN Women and LUKMEF-Cameroon through a grant agreement signed …….

Environmental Protection and Development Association in Limbe

Background Environmental Protection and Development Association (EPDA Cameroon)……


1500 persons taking part in a mass public campaign against HIV organized by LUKMEF…..

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