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IRFF-UK makes 2,868,973.50 XAF towards funding key impact rural projects in Cameroon

Since January 2013, the International relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF-UK) has supported some start-up projects among women in collaboration with the UN women and LUKMEF-Cameroon to the sum of 2,868,973.50Frs CFA minus charges, invested sum of 2,761,645.50 .This first project was support to Mbendankwen and Awing rural women food cooperative to acquire organic manure for their farms. From an unaffordable price of 3800Frs/bag to a subsidised rate of 2500Frs/bag, a total 1154 bags of organic manure was distributed via these cooperatives by subsidising each bag at 1300. A total of 1500.000Frs was spent on this project. Outcome: A total of 200 women received manure from the cooperatives for their farms. Impact: all women interviewed after this year's harvest reported about 21% increase in their farm output. This implies more food on the table for these women and children, more children may stay in school , get better health care based on parent's ability to pay fee and health bills.

Support a girl go back to school and stop child Bride( CFA 100.000Frs)

Hawei is one in a Muslim family of 17 siblings. In August while carrying out a project on "Access to Justice" in Santa in the North West Region of Cameroon, we came across these young girl who recounted her story to us and asked if she could render any service to us so as to get money to go back to school. Her father had just declared at the end of that school year that he was unable to pay her school fee again. As most poor rural girls, she would have been given to marriage. Hawei is now back in school on a LUKMEF/IRFF-UK scholarship of 100.000Frs CFA/ year shared 50% by LUKMEF and 50% by IRFF. Going forward, the IRFF 50% will be supported by the Mbenjom Women food and economic empowerment centre also funded supported by IRFF-UK that will go operational by the start of December 2013 at the cost of 2,300,000Frs.

Boosting Farm productivity for rural women ( CFA 350.000Frs)

Ten groups of women farmers received 10 spraying machines to fight pesticides after receiving some training on the proper application of pesticides in agriculture. The training follow the attack of some form of fungi on a well consumed type of cocoyam here in the south west region of Cameroon. Because government action in supporting these women was slow and the farming season was near, we heard laud cries for help over the local radio program "Voices of Women" and so decided to visit these communities to have a firsthand understanding of the issue. In collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the ministry of women empowerment and the Family, we decided to make this donation of spraying machines to help these communities. Each community is made up of about 5000 inhabitants out of whom 51% are women and largely farmers. So we estimate that over 1000 women are attached to each donated machine amounting to 350,000Frs CFA

3.500.000 XAF Mbenjom women food and economic empowerment cooperative starts in January 2014

The aim of this project is to raise the income level of girls, orphans, widows and other vulnerable women and children by improving on skills and diversifying their sources of revenue. IRFF-UK and LUKMEF also now with support from the UN women, the European Union will focus on one community as pilot, make impact and bring others to share in the lesson before replicating in other communities. The Mbenjom community in the Santa Sub Division of the north west has been identified for this pilot for a number of reason:
-The whole community has identified lack of skills and long term technical support as a major reason for high rate of poverty among women and girls;
-The community also say lack of such a centre makes sensitisation against HIV impossible;
-A space to house the centre has been provided by the community;
-The UN women and the EU have also confirm that an IRFF supported project within this community is very relevant and have pledge support once the centre is started.


For more information email us at christian@lukmefcameroon.org.