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EU & LUKMEF promoting minority Access to Administrative Justice

LUKMEF is actively promoting public awareness and minority access to administrative justice in Cameroon with over 22.9million Francs CFA funding from the European Union support Project to the Justice system in Cameroon. The official launching of the project took place on the 13th of August at the Pan African Institute fro Development in the presence of the representative of the minister of women empowerment and the family as well as the Governor of the South West Region.

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Over 116 women and men drawn from all over the region were also in attendance. This was followed by the training of 26 women including Muslim women as community peer educators to facilitate women access to administrative courts.

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As a way to boost minority access to the administrative courts, the current project is working with over five law firms to provide pro bono legal assistance and protection of small businesses started by rural women.

The over 45 legalised rural women food and economic empowerment cooperatives grouping over 22,500 women are grouped into a cooperative federation as a strategy to increase women voices and fight other inequalities against women such as equal access to land, prevention of gender-based violence, girls' access to education etc

EU PAJ project coordinator speaking during the LUKMEF project launch in Buea on the 13th of August 2013
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Stop Gender based Violence

With 45 communities mobilised into rural women food cooperatives grouping over 25000 women leaders, this presents an excellent opportunity to mainstream the fight against gender-based violence into the current project. This new position was voiced by most of the women during the different community peer education sessions. LUKMEF is currently seeking new partners to add violence prevention in its current project taking advantage of the already mobilised and motivated communities.

Muslim women play a key role in the current project activities as they constitute a major minority group

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Another training of 27 women community peer educators took place at the Santa Council Hall in the North west Region on the 23rd of August 2013. As part of this campaign, over 40 rural female farms cooperatives will be legalised and supported to boost the farmers' collective bargaining power and profitability of their farming activities.

. . Partnerships: Developing long term partnership with relevant government agencies, Diplomatic missions, National and international NGOs, companies and individuals is vital in the realisation of this ambitious program.
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  • What We do

    We work to balance direct community action with policies that influence those community needs.

  • Our Vision & Mission

    LUKMEF believes that durable peace, democracy, the respect of fundamental human rights and sustainable development is achievable in Cameroon. We have the understanding that every citizen and every generation should be capable of attaining their life expectations; hence the current generation must promote dialogue across cultures, economics, environment, religions, sexes and sexual orientations to gain peace, development and shared values.


US Asistant secretary of State for African Affairs meets with LUKMEF CEO and other high level members of the civil society in Cameroon to discus burning issues around upcoming elections LUKMEF CEO meets with a college of Ambassadors accredited to Cameroon and presented the pilot project on the role of technology in upcoming Elections

US Ambassador to Cameroon Speaks at LUKMEF project launch

The Martin Luther King Jr, memorial Foundation ( LUKMEF-Cameroon) has proposed a technology to the Cameroon elections commission (ELECAM) aimed at extending Public access to the electoral list by using mobile phones. The initiative partly funded by the Democracy and Human Rights Fund (DHRF) of the US Embassy in Cameroon is the first of its type in Africa. Considered an innovative idea, the US Embassy and other missions in Cameroon are in full support of the initiative. Also backed by the Cameroon Civil society Forum for Democracy, the project tittled " Confirm my Vote Card" allows voters to know their status ( registered or NOT) in the electoral list long before the close of the registration process and before the polling day by SMS/USSD. This simple technology eliminates the possibility of voters' names being jumbled that was used in the past as a rigging strategy. LUKMEF hope to extend the use of this Technology to support voters registration and poll return trends using a combination of GSM/3G technology and GPRS.

LUKMEF continue to seek active partners towards wider use of technology in promoting governance and transparency at all levels( democracy, Human rights and development). Local and international partners are welcome.

Limbe City Council approriate's a LUKMEF project as Cholera hits the City

The alarm bell about the misuse of rivers in Limbe City was sounded by LUKMEF in 2009. Not listened to then, the Foundation moved ahead in 2010 to start community mobilisation and data collection to exposed the situation. In 2011, it come to down on the city with a Cholera outbreak that infected hundreds and registered 10 officially declared deaths. Under this situation, the City council is now in full conversation with LUKMEF on the issues and possible actions. It is now clear that the council is taking actions. It has been hinted to be a priority in the council budget for the next year. A proposed 5 years strategic plan to redress this problem has been proposed to the city council by LUKMEF and will be officially commissioned on the 23rd of April 2011. The council following this and its own initiatives has opted to sign the "Istanbul protocol on water and the environment" that will be presented to the UN this year.

Some project highlights

  • Community Program to prevent and end mass atrocities

    For the past several years, GAPW and LUKMEF have undertaken joint programming on a variety of issues germane to the prevention of armed violence and mass atrocities in Cameroon and elsewhere in Central Africa. Currently we continue to create consultations linking offices in New York and Limbe/Douala and branching out to new civil society constituencies, including women farmers, whose empowerment and skills development can help eliminate prospects for mass atrocity violence in a region that faces a myriad of security challenges. To this effect, LUKMEF and GAPW with $10,000 financial support from the NEXUS FUND is focusing on three key project areas for collaboration in 2014: Read more

  • UN Women partner with LUKMEF to economically empower 1,364 rural women

    UN Women and LUKMEF-Cameroon through a grant agreement signed recently has provided 9 million Francs CFA ( $18,500) to 3 legalized rural women food cooperative within the framework of the economic empowerment of rural women in Cameroon. Originally designed to support 400 rural women, women participation in the project has reached an unprecedented number of 1,364 women in 3 months and over 16 other villages have applied to join the project. This demand has now motivated the LUKMEF Board of directors to move the project to a 5 years program that will see the creation and support
    of 50 rural women food cooperatives in Cameroon reaching over 20.000
    women directly and over 100.000 children as indirect beneficiaries.

    The objective of the program is to increase the family income of rural women by 50% and double food production within this time frame. Through the cooperatives, other social services like health insurance, water and sanitation and rural solar electricity will be brought to members. The five years program is projected to cost about $674000. Read more

    IRFF funding key rural Projects

    Since January 2013, the International relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF-UK) has supported some start-up projects among women in collaboration with the UN women and LUKMEF-Cameroon to the sum of 2,868,973.50Frs CFA minus charges, invested sum of 2,761,645.50

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  • 30% women in Politics Campaign

    Women occupy only 8% of all elected positions in Cameroon. Women and girls are also seriously marginalised in appointed positions of decision making yet women constitute 51% of the total population of Cameroon. The 30% campaign urges all political parties to make 30% of their elected positions available for women in Parliament and local governments during the 2013 twin election. The Campaign starts now!!!

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  • The Bridge Initiative

    The Bridge Initiative is an open charity Initiative which admmits individuals, families, companies wishing to sponsor a child in Africa at an estimate 100%.....

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  • The Peace Institute

    The African Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development is specialised in providing academic and applied skills in peace building, democracy and policy issues that affect sustainable development in Africa

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  • Citizens Investment Fund

    CIF's seeks to provide technical and financial support to low income and aspiring citizens (with a focus on women) of Cameroon to faciliate the attainment of sustainable socioeconomic development that conventional funding systems cannot support.

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  • The Awing women's Food Cooperative

    80-93% of women living in the rural areas depend on agriculture for livelihood. More than 50% of their farm products never find their way to the urban markets due to poor farm to market roads. Traders who managed to get to these rural areas pay very low prices for...

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