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Faculty of Life Skills

The Faculty of Life Skills has 7 Departments (Culinary Arts, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical Studies, Automotive Sciences, Welding, and Applied Agriculture and Animal Husbandry). The Institute recognizes the need for competent, trained professionals and blends this with the need for peace education among all sectors of society. Simply put, there is a real lack of peace education at all educational levels and it is the mandate of the APDDI to instil a culture of peace within all domains of education, from the Arts to the Sciences, to the Trades.

1. Professional training: students will receive in-class lecture and extensive field/laboratory experience to prepare them for successful jobs as tradespersons.
2. Professionalism: students will graduate with a firm understanding of the service industry and will prove to be competent and responsible, carrying out their work with integrity.
3. Peace mainstreaming: students will be trained on conflict mediation/transformation and forgiveness training, preparing them to serve as role models for others.

Expected Outcomes
Graduates of the Life Skills program will be trained as professionals within their domains with the added benefit of conflict mediation and inter-cultural/tribal sensitivity training, preparing them as model citizens to serve as examples to others. The Institute strives to produce a high standard of character among all graduates.

Other Departments

a. Department of Culinary Arts
b. Department of Carpentry
c. Department of Plumbing
d. Department of Electrical Studies
e. Department of Automotive Sciences
f. Department of Welding
g. Department of Applied Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

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