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Faculty of Science

Department of Urban Planning and Applied Architecture

As the population of Cameroon grows, so too does the need for urban infrastructure. The Planning and Applied Architecture program focuses on designing cities that are refreshing, progressive, safe and sustainable. Graduates of the program will supply Cameroon's public and private industries as city planners, designers, developers, et cetera.

1. Students will be trained as professionals in planning and design of urban environments.
2. Students will be trained on environmentally friendly approaches to planning, design, and architecture.

Expected Outcomes
The expected outcome of the program is that infrastructure will be constructed that is refreshing to the senses, progressive, safe and sustainable for future generations. Because graduates will be trained on conflict mediation and inter-cultural/tribal sensitivity, they will leave the institute prepared to serve as models to others.

Other Departments

a. Department of Urban Planning and Applied Architecture
b. Department of Computer Science

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