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Faculty of Science

Department of Computer Science

As Africa begins to bridge the digital divide, computer and internet users are soaring across the continent. Access to internet and computer cafes is growing and thus the need for computer and internet expertise is on the rise. Our 2-year certificate program will introduce students to the computer science discipline and equip them with the skills in software programming, website design, and hardware management.

1. Students will graduate with knowledge of programming languages and capacity for software development.
2. Students will be able to maintain, install, and repair computer hardware.
3. Graduates will learn the basics of internet and website design and maintenance.

Expected Outcomes
Students will be able to provide professional computer-related services to Cameroonian businesses and organizations, helping to promote their development. The long-term outcome is that these businesses and organizations will be able to promote their products and services to reach a wider audience using website design and be able to run more efficiently using innovative software solutions. The Computer Science program seeks to bridge the digital divide and enable Africans catch up to the technological standards of the Global North.

Other Departments

a. Department of Urban Planning and Applied Architecture
b. Department of Computer Science

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