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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Department of Citizenship and Democracy Studies

There is compelling evidence indicating that countries that are highly democratic tend to witness fewer conflicts/wars. This is the theory of the Democratic Peace. Regardless of whether one endorses this theory or not, there are clear advantages to the adoption of democratic principles and there is a general appreciation for the principles of democracy all around the world. The role of the citizen in a democracy is paramount, as the citizen is the primary justification for the existence of the political system and herein lays the importance of studying citizenship and democracy.

1. Mainstreaming democratic principles: to promote democracy in Cameroon, to educate citizens on their rights, freedoms, and responsibilities as citizens of a democratic state.
2. Empowering citizens: being well-informed of their rights, freedoms, and responsibilities, students will be empowered citizens who are more capable of defending their rights and freedoms.
3. Education and Skill Building: our programs will provide capacity building to prepare students for a successful career in citizenship, democracy, and related fields.
4. To provide an academic foundation for higher studies in the field of citizenship, democracy, and related domains.

Expected Outcomes
Students will understand the importance of citizenship within the framework of democracy. The short-term goal is to provide graduates with the skills to pursue a career in the field as well as to provide foundational knowledge for those interested in building on their education in the future.

The long-term goal is to empower citizens within Cameroon to claim their rights and freedoms, to demand accountability from their government bodies, and to teach citizens of their responsibilities to their country and to their countrymen.

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