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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Department of Arts for Peace

Since 2004, we at LUKMEF (Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Foundation) have been in the process of developing an African Peace, Democracy, and Development Institute (APDDI) in Cameroon. The Institute will teach peace, sustainable development skill as well as other life skills to young Cameroonians and Africans. We understand that the Arts can play a very important part in peace building and healing. Persons and nations in conflict still listen to the same music, admire the same pieces of art, watch similar TV shows et cetera. Accordingly, we are instituting a department called the Arts for Peace Department. This department will train young Africans on the different art domains and help them gain workable skills while promoting and upholding their cultural values in the arts. Programs offered are dance, design, film, fine arts, music, theatre, and visual arts. The Arts for Peace department will also be a place of collaboration for local and international artists and individuals interested in the Arts and Peace to visit, teach, present lectures or perform for the public at the centre. The Arts department will also establish an art museum and other attractive sites for visitors.

1. Awareness: our Arts program will provide the opportunity for students to analyze and address issues facing their local, national, and global community through artistic expression.
2. Peace and Tolerance: our courses and our exchange programs will provide the opportunity for students to be exposed to diverse cultures, religions, ethnicities and ideas to foster understanding and acceptance.
3. Education and Skill Building: our programs will provide capacity building to prepare students for a successful career in the Arts.

Expected Outcomes
In the short term, thousands of youths will learn skills in the arts. Thousands more will use these skills to reach their life dreams. Based on the design of this program, the power of the arts will be harnessed to promote peace and dialogue within communities and nations. Another outcome of this project will be greater renewal and preservation of cultural values. In the long term, because the students are taught the arts with emphasis on peace building, nonviolence and community development, we will soon start to witness reduction in overall violence and conflict.

At the international level, the artistic exchange programs of the centre will allow artists to cross borders and to perform at the centre and share and learn skills, thereby facilitating artistic exchange and collaboration between Global North and Global South states.

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