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Strategic Funding needs

Funding for the institute now stand at $6 000 000. This amount is estimated to cover 3 of the 5 phases of the realization of the institute broken down as follows:

  • - Construction,
  • - Energy,
  • - Water,
  • - Furniture & fittings
  • Completed Phases:

    Phase 1: Acquisition of 20 000 square meters (4.9 acres) of land to accommodate the Institute. This land has been acquired as a result of a generous donation by the Government of Cameroon.
    Cost: $800 000

    Phase 2: Development of the master proposal, design of lead structures, and the electrification system (solar energy system). This phase has been completed with the assistance of experts from the United Nations Volunteers Network (solar energy systems) and Mr. Ndifor Divine (architectural design). Cost: $25 000

    Remaining Phases

    Phase 3: Development of the main curricula

    This phase includes consultation and collaboration with academic institutions and professionals to develop working curricula for the Institute's programs. This phase of the project has been supported and is being completed by Ms. Dianne Balraj (a Political science graduate from Canada)
    Total Cost: $9000

    Phase 4: Realization

    4.1: Accreditations/certifications/affiliations (national/international):
    To obtain the support from reputable organizations, institutions, and individuals in the form of endorsements and official partnerships.
    Estimated cost: $6500

    4.2: Networking & marketing
    To attract global support for the Institute. This will involve liaising with organizations, foundations, businesses, governments, et cetera. Estimated cost: $5000

    4.3: Media and Fundraising (to raise the required $6 000 000)
    To promote the Institute and future fundraising initiatives (e.g. press conferences, newspapers articles, television appearances, et cetera).

    Estimated cost: $58 500

    Phase 5: Construction and Operations

    5.1: Construction of Administrative Block and Block A (lecture halls)
    Estimated cost: $415 000

    5.2: Construction of Computer Center and Library
    Estimated cost: $850 000

    5.3: Construction of Conference Center, Restaurant, Visitor Lodges and Residences
    Estimated cost: $2 815 000

    5.4: Construction of Auditorium, Livelihood Skills Training Center and Lecture Block B
    Estimated cost: $1 130 000

    5.5: Construction of Security Fence, Water tanks
    Estimated cost: $545 000

    5.6: Operation (salaries, bills)
    Estimated cost: $130 000

    How to get involved

      There are many ways to get involved in our work:

      Online engagement:

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    • Offline engagement:

      A. Form local LUKMEF support groups within your community or school

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