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Facts & Articles on Cameroon

This section of the website is dedicated to gathering facts that may be useful to our visitors, students, and researchers and more importantly to our donors and potential donors.

APDDI is being developed as an evidence-based solution to real national and regional problems. Though APDDI is not a panacea capable of solving the numerous national and regional problems, APDDI is adopting a more holistic approach that stitches the different root causes of conflicts and underdevelopment symptoms of the region to design a cutting edge and sustainable solution through our programming.

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Latest: Cameroon- Fragile State?

The latest background report from the International Crisis Group, examines Cameroon's history, its contemporary politics and the relations between its main social groups. The report uncovers points of potential instability and suggests how to tackle them. The country's history shows a pattern of apparent stability followed by violent crisis. For long periods, problems have been masked but not dealt with, and consequent frustrations have led to explosions of violence. Today, the nation-building project has become frayed, as the economy has stagnated, and unemployment and inequality have risen. While potential organising forces are weak and dissipated, popular anger is high.

"Cameroon's eventual ability to play a positive role in the region and to avoid being pulled into various cross-border conflicts depends on improving governance and avoiding potential instability within its own borders", says Richard Moncrieff, Crisis Group's West Africa Project Director. "Cameroon is of vital importance to regional security."
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