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The African Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development

...The Institute is founded on the principle that sustainable development and the war against poverty are attainable only in situations where there exists durable peace, the respect of human rights and democracy...

The African Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development is specialized in providing academic and applied skills in peace building, conflict resolution, democracy and policy issues that affect sustainable development in Africa. Certificate programs in life skills will also be offered at the institute as a motivating factor for youths from economically disadvantaged backgrounds as well as a sustainable strategy to place peace activists within their respective communities. Each student of the Institute will be required to complete a program on inter-cultural and tribal conflict transformation and forgiveness and reconciliation, regardless of their domain of specialization. This prerequisite will ensure that peace and conflict studies will be mainstreamed throughout the Institute.

Our Pecuniary Aid

Thanks to the government of Cameroon and the generous support of individuals and organizations like you, we have been able to acquire the land needed for this project (an estimated 20 000 square meters ( 4.942 acres).

Your material, financial and all other forms of assistance towards this project is acknowledged and very much appreciated


  • The African Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development studies, Limbe, Cameroon .

APDDI Programs

The APDDI offers certificate and non certificate programs. The certificate programs generally comprise of 2-3 years on campus, attending lectures and engaging in practical field activities. Accompanying these programs are a number of non certificate programs given in the form of short seminars and workshops.
To respond to the needs of the population for a sustainable livelihood, the Institute offers a series of professional (life skill) training courses as well.

The Institute is home to 3 Faculties, each with its respective departments and programs: