“ Education is a progressive
discovery of our own ignorance. ”

Will Durant

About our organisation:

           The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Foundation
is an NGO registered in Cameroon
since 1999 with a mission to promote Peace/Non-violence,
social Justice and sustainable development in  Cameroon.
The organisation is administered through   an international
Board  of  Directors,  an  executive  organ  headed  by  the
Chief Executive Officer made up of 3  departmental  heads
(HD   for   Projects,   HD   for  Finance/accounting,  HD  for
Monitoring and  evaluation).  Since  1999,  the organisation
has completed 29 projects within our three pillars of Peace,
Non-violence, social justice and sustainable development.
           With  funding  from  Action  Aid  International, CARE
International, Gender  Action  (DC),  US  State  Department,
the European Union (PASOC), the British High Commission,
Global  Action  against  War,  Counterpart International, The
African Partnership Station (ASP), UN Women, and LUKMEF
Board of directors, the  organisation  has  focused  within its
social justice pillar in promoting fair living  conditions  based
on equal rights and the respect of fundamental human rights.
The organisation is a member of many national and regional
networks  working  to  promote  human  rights  such  as  the
Cameroon   Network   of   Human   Rights   defenders,    the
International  Coalition  for  Responsibility  to Protect (IC2P),
the international network for Emergency Peace keeping and
Human rights protection of the UN,  Cameroon  Civil  society
Forum for Democracy.  LUKMEF  is  also  the  regional  focal
point   for   Dynamique  Citoyenne  which  works  to  monitor
government policies and  actions.  All  of  these  connections
have been a major source of strength for LUKMEF project for
the past 12 years..

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