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  1. Bafon Ernest
    Bafon Ernest
    1 month ago

    Why is lukmef operating on a man-know-man basis unlike other NGOs that are equal opportunity employers?

    • Mallex Tarh
      Mallex Tarh
      1 month ago

      Hello Mr Bafon
      we appreciate your interest to know more about LUKMEF’s policy when it comes to hiring a new worker.As professionals We hire workers on a meritorious basis.Our doors are always open to applicants and volunteers.If you will like to work with us, prepare your application documents and drop them at our head office located at the top floor Salvation Pharmacy building Soppo Buea. I can assure you that we hire on the basis of skill, competence and the ability to innovate and develop since we are here to serve. Hardwork, strong feeling and sacrifice forms the core of our organisation. Furthermore we also train those who want to grow and develop as part of our contribution to providing human resources for sustainable development.
      Feel free to ask any other question.

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