LUKMEF – Switzerland donates Spectrophotometer to Hospital in Awing

We are short of words and terribly excited.


The Spectrophotometer that LUKMEF – Switzerland has donated to the rural hospital in Awing, Cameroon,  is an innovative and one of kind medical laboratory equipment with a full range of diagnostic utility. This community would not have dreamt of such as luxury in this era.


This machine is second in the whole region with over 3 million inhabitants. It enables the hospital lab to conduct low cost biochemcial testing for patients from 5 other villages and much more!
This machine is a sensation not only to you as facility staff but to the entire Awing community.

We are so happy that this will help the young, the older and most especially those living with HIV/AIDS who until now had to pay transport to conduct this expensive test in Bamenda.

Knowing that most opted out of treatment for lack of the means and many more died because of this, we see the machine in the hands of this community as a day break after long and hopeless years of darkness.

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