The objective of this national alliance is to increase the number of female policy makers from 8% to 30% during the twin (parliamentary and municipal) elections fixed for 2013 in Cameroon. The campaign moves beyond the elections to monitor and hold elected official engaged in gender sensitive policies and economic programming

Women and girls make up 51% of the total Cameroon population yet they occupy less than 8% of the political and decision making system of the country. Women and girls remain the most affected by poverty and other societal ills. The burden of care, remain very heavy on women with most of the unpaid home keeping job largely unrecognized and unvalued.

Only 8% (29/360) of Mayors in Cameroon are Female
Only 10.5% (19/180) of Members of Parliament are Female
0% of the Regional Governors are Female

The alliance for economic and political empowerment of women and girls has as main objective to build stronger partnership with feminist activities committed to meaningful advancement of the rights of women and girls from all fronts.

Our definition of feminism include committed men and women working together to address the inequalities imposed by the societies that impact negatively on women and girls only because of their sex. We recognize the important role that the men who have value and respect for women can play in converting their peers to start addressing the issues.

Latest Program

Setting a national economic and political Agenda for women in 2013

A strong, objective and responsible agenda for all political parties and stakeholders to address gender issues in the political platforms in 2013 that is more inclusive and result based


Be a partner

All forms of technical, material and financial assistance is being solicited to support the project

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National Coordination: Tel +23733332304
South West Regional Coordination: : +23733323325
Mobile: +23777947449

North West Regional Coordination: Tel +23733361445
Mobile +23777001457,

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Women 2013 Project Activities

  • Capacity Building
    Capacity building for women to engage in meaningful dialogue at local and national levels for active participation in policy definition, programs/project design, implementation and evaluation.

  • Litigation
    10 Lawyers are regularly on standby to listen and assist women facing any form of abuse. All such services are pro bono.
  • Economic empowerment
    Economic empowerment of women with greater focus on rural women and those made widows by HIV/AIDS including their rights to sexual reproductive health rights
  • Political Empowerment
    Support of more women participation in politics beyond voting to candidacies
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