Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Foundation

Promoting peace, Human Rights/social justice, and sustainable development in Cameroon since 1999

 Our Goals

Our goal is to strengthen  and support rural communities (indigenous and/or  marginalized) ability to take full leadership and control over their own environmental, social, cultural, political  and economic development using an inclusive ( Gender & minorities),  participatory  and rights-based approach in Cameroon.

Our interventions remain relevant to local context and yet designed to resonate with regional, sub-continental and global development strategies such as the UN agenda 2030 (SDGs) and other UN and AU agreements and standards.

Though fundamentally a local NGO, LUKMEF’s open-door governance policy makes it possible for persons around the globe who share our vision and mission to contribute significantly through our Board of Directors and advisory board.  

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Social Justice, Peace Building / Non-violence, Sustainable Development


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